Don Anderson

A short blurb about my career

I started my career at Bell Labs in 1979, where C and Unix were born. Since 1984, I've worked on a variety of projects as an independent contractor: kernel, compilers, linkers, loaders, and shared libraries; I was DEC's point man on Unix shared libraries in the early 90's. Cofounded a company building a rapid application and web development tool that lasted for 4 years. I got involved with Sleepycat Software in 1997, writing the first C++ and Java APIs. I worked on various issues for Sleepycat engineering: C++, Java, Windows maintenance, shared library and build issues, XA, Windows installation. In about 2002, I started working with BDB customers and continue to do so today with Oracle. The list is starting to get long: Siemens, Nokia, Kineto, EMC, Ebay, AOL, CSB-Systems, Ironport, Marconi, Next Page, StorageTek, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Motorola, ISS Proxy. These jobs have been all over the world. The Siemens job was through Oracle, so I (or more accurately my consulting group: Third Dog Software) is certified to contract for Oracle. My specialty these days is performance analysis and improvement for BDB, contract programming, design, architecture. I also do in-depth BDB training for serious developers. I have done many jobs over the years in C, C++ and Java, and can point you to many satisfied customers. I work with some other talented contractors and can put together a larger team if the job demands that.

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