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My mother and others have done extensive research into the roots of my family.  I'm looking forward to the day when most of the primary records for this kind of research are online and free.  Until that day, I'm posting our information so that others might make some connections and maybe even help us extend our knowledge.  This page is definitely under construction.

If you're just getting started with genealogical research on the web, read my introductory article.

List of names with brief information.

Walter Fletcher Watton, MD  b. 1888 Holly Michigan d. 1985 Falls Church, Virginia
William Henry Watton b. 1843 Enfield Lock, England d. 1926 Grand Blanc, Michigan
Valina Emmeretta Gaylord b. 1856 Newfane, New York d. 1938 Niagara Falls, NY
William Henry Watton b. 1813 Birmingham, England d. 1870/80 Springfield, Michigan
Sophia Vickers b. 1812 Birmingham, England d. 1870/80 Springfield, Michigan
John Gaylord b. 1811 Newfane, NY d. 1878 Newfane, NY
Asenath Shaw b. 1820 Syracuse, NY? d. ?
Charles Gaylord, Jr. b. 1779 Windsor, Conn? d. 1852 Newfane, NY
Sally Webster b. 1780 East Windsor, Conn d. 1852 Newfane, NY
Daniel Shaw b. 1786 Rhode Island d. 1860/80 Newfane, NY
Phoebe Waite b. 1791 Rhode Island d. 1860/80 Newfane, NY
Charles Gaylord b. 1720 Windsor, Conn? d. 1799 Windsor, Conn?
John Gaylord b. 1686 Windsor, Conn d. 1722 Windsor, Conn
Hannah Grant b. 1689 Windsor, Conn d. ?
John Gaylord b. Crewkerne, Somerset, England d. 1699 Windsor, Conn
Mary Clark b. 1658
Samuel Grant b. 1659 Windsor, Conn d. 1701 Windsor, Conn
Grace Miner b. 1670 Windsor, Conn? d. 1753 Windsor, Conn  See the Miner genealogical page.

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